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Executive Head

Executive Head

A warm welcome on behalf of Sant Parmanand hospital, Yamuna Bazar. With another promise to deliver exceptional healthcare services, I am happy to announce our other hospital which is located on the Ring Road near ISBT Kashmiri Gate at Yamuna Bazar, Delhi. It is fully functional and we are receiving patients from all strata of society. This hospital will also follow the same principles as our parent Institute namely Sant Parmanand ...

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The Hospital

About Hospital

Sant Parmanand is a 100+ bedded multi-super specialty Hospital located in the heart of Delhi equipped with stellar infrastructure with the world's most advanced Cuvis Robotic System for Knee Replacement Surgery. It is the world's first and Delhi's only fully active Cuvis robotic system for Joint Replacement surgeries. Since the Hospital's establishment, we have done more than 500 Robotic Knee surgeries successfully in the last six months.

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International Patient

  • The International Patient Services is a dedicated wing that takes care of all services for International patients who visits our hospital.
  • Sant Parmanand Hospital is well equipped and has the best healthcare services to provide specialized individual care for International patients.
  • Our International Patient Service Coordinators and trained staff will be your single point of contact for all the information regarding the hospital facilities until you get healthy and return back.
  • Opting for a second opinion has become a choice of many patients to confirm the diagnosis, the implications of the disease, and the suggested treatment procedures.
  • Sant Parmanand Hospital gives utmost importance in providing care, attention, and high-quality medical services.

Patient Education

घुटनों की सर्जरी (प्रत्यारोपण) के बाद घर पर देख भाल के लिए सामान्य दिशा निर्देश play-icon

घुटनों की सर्जरी (प्रत्यारोपण) के बाद घर पर देख भाल के लिए सामान्य दिशा निर्देश

Life After Knee Replacement Surgery play-icon
Knee Deformities and Its Treatment play-icon
Knee Osteoarthritis And Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery play-icon
घुटने का ओस्टियो अर्थराइटिस, कारण एवं उपचार - डॉ. शेखर श्रीवास्तव (रोबोटिक नी सर्जन ) play-icon

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