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    “Sant Parmanand Hospital, Ring Road Kashmiri Gate” is Very popular as the best Orthopaedic hospital in Delhi for Knee replacement surgery, Hip replacement surgery, Shoulder replacement surgery, Knee & Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgeries, Revision knee replacement, Revision hip replacement, Spine Surgeries, Complex trauma surgeries and all. We always provide a delightful experience to patients as the department of Orthopaedics has done tons of surgeries with the best success rate.

    Our topmost goal is to provide the right treatment and top-notch medical facilities. We always believe in providing proficient care even after your surgery.

    Sant Parmanand Hospital, Ring Road Kashmiri Gate is phenomenal. They have everything that a patient looks for. Credit to the team of Orthopaedics who have wonderful expertise in all types of surgeries like Joint Replacement & Arthroscopy Surgery, ACL Surgery (Anterior Cruciate Ligament), Knee Arthritis Treatment, Sports Injury Surgery, Sport Medicine and Below is the list of treatments we provide:

    Robotic Joint replacement

    In Robotic knee joint replacement surgery, the surgeon removes the damaged tissue in your knee joint. It gets replaced with an artificial joint. The surgery is similar to traditional knee surgery but the only difference is the surgeon takes the assistance of a robotic arm to perform robotic knee surgery. You can expect better function after robotic surgery. A high level of precision is one of the best benefits of robotic knee surgery. Plus the recovery time is less in this surgery.

    Spine surgery

    One of the major surgical procedures is performed to correct spinal pathologies that cause severe pain. Some important signs when you need back or spine surgery are constant back pain, mobility reduced, spinal fracture, spinal deformity, and so on. Going for spine surgery can be advantageous because you will experience less pain, move around better, resume your daily routine work, less pain medication required, etc.

    Ankle and foot surgery

    Are you experiencing pain in and around your feet and ankle? Both foot and ankle pain are short-term and also caused by soft tissue injuries such as sprains. Also, long-term pain in the foot and ankle is nerve damage, osteoarthritis, poor blood circulation, inflammatory arthritis, etc. Our professionally trained surgeons have a great experience in foot and ankle surgery. They provide the best medical facilities and guarantee to unlock top-grade solutions for your successful surgery

    Hand surgery

    There are multiple reasons behind consulting the best surgeon for Hand surgery such as hand injuries, hand infections, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis that damages the structure of the hand, etc. To restore flexibility, strength, and function in the wrist and hand, you must go with hand surgery. We have a team of expert Hand surgery doctors who know all effective surgical techniques for better results.

    Joint replacement

    Joint replacement, also known as Joint arthroplasty, is performed mostly to replace the hip joint and knee joint where the surgeon removes the damaged section of your joint and replaces it with an artificial joint. To eliminate severe pain and start your normal work routine again, it is better to consult with our specially-trained Joint replacement surgeon. The surgery will improve function and mobility as well.

    Knee Replacement

    Surgery to replace the damaged part of the Knee with substitutes is known as knee replacement. Patients with significant knee pain and restricted mobility because of an injury are frequently advised to visit the Knee Replacement Surgery Hospital in Delhi to get pain relief. The procedure is quite successful and can significantly reduce pain and enhance function.

    Hip Replacement

    An artificial hip joint is used to replace a broken hip joint in the Best Hip Replacement Surgery Hospital In Delhi during surgery. Patients with significant hip pain and restricted mobility are frequently advised to have it. It can significantly reduce pain and enhance function.

    Shoulder Surgery

    Several problems that result in discomfort and restricted movement in the shoulder joint can be treated in Shoulder Replacement Surgery Hospital in Delhi with surgery. Repairing injured tendons, ligaments, or muscles is one option, as is using an artificial joint to replace a worn-out or arthritic one. The procedure can dramatically lessen discomfort and enhance shoulder function.

    Fracture and Trauma

    Fracture and trauma surgeries are conducted in cases like bone fractures, bone grafting, tissue reconstruction, improper healing of fractures, when functional mobility is impaired, etc. Our surgeon has brilliant experience and has done numerous surgeries related to Fracture and Trauma. They are the most experienced Orthopaedic doctors who can assist you in recovering faster, healing fractures bones, and much more. The surgery of fracture and trauma aid patients in restoring the proper alignment of joint surfaces.

    Our doctors here know all the modern techniques that can help the patient to get better treatment when they come. Come to us and book your appointment with our Orthopaedic surgeons now.

    What We Offer?

    • In case of an Accident or emergency service, we are available 24/7 to help you. An expert Orthopaedics surgeon will always be available to treat patients at that time.
    • Doctors here know all advanced operations such as Hip replacement, Joint replacement, Spine surgery, etc. They can perform operations with no hurdles.
    • In the case of a meeting fixed with Overseas surgeons, we can help you here too. We can perform brilliantly in high-tech operations.
    • Sant Parmanand Hospital, Ring Road Kashmiri Gate presents the Nodal center. Get all the crucial opinions of experts from across the world.

    Head of Department:

    Dr. Shekhar Srivastav
    Robotic Joint Replacement (Knee Surgery)

    Joint Replacement

    Fracture & Trauma

    Spine Surgery

    Paediatric Orthopaedics Surgeon

    Hand Surgery
    • Dr. Abhishek Sharma

    Ankle & Foot Surgeon
    • Dr. Abhishek Jain

    Pelvic Acetabulum Complex Trauma
    • Dr. Nikhil Verma

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