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Why do foreigners come to India for Healthcare?

Medical tourists come to India to avail our health services which combine the latest medical technologies with qualified professionals. They charge less from foreigners as compared to the costs of similar healthcare services in their own countries. They come for surgeries, liver transplants, dental, and even for cosmetic care.

At Sant Parmanand Hospital, Yamuna Bazar, sophisticated Joint replacement surgeries are going with meticulously more secure and with expert surgeons.

Our patients who were admitted with their illness got remarkable experiences through this hospital from admission to discharge with minimum discomfort. Sant Parmanand Hospital has a great system for international patients in terms of care, the value of money, and lifetime bonding with patient-doctor relationships.

Welcome to Sant Parmanand hospital for Joint replacement surgeries. We give special care to international patients.

We are committed to patient care, quality of healthcare infrastructure, and medical services.


  • The International Patient Services is a dedicated wing that takes care of all services for International patients who visits our hospital.
  • Sant Parmanand Hospital is well equipped and has the best healthcare services to provide specialized individual care for International patients.
  • Our International Patient Service Coordinators and trained staff will be your single point of contact for all the information regarding the hospital facilities until you get healthy and return back.
  • Opting for a second opinion has become a choice of many patients to confirm the diagnosis, the implications of the disease, and the suggested treatment procedures.
  • Sant Parmanand Hospital gives utmost importance in providing care, attention, and high-quality medical services.

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