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    Welcome to the department of Blood Centre of Sant Parmanand Hospital, Ring Road Kashmiri Gate Delhi.

    In our new hospital, we have dedicated and highly experienced doctors running the Department.

    Blood Centre at Sant Parmanand Hospital, Ring Road Kashmiri Gate is providing state-of-the-art services for blood donner and blood receiver both types of patients need, The department leaded by Dr. Manju Daiya (MBBS, PGDHA, PGDBB) having a work experience of more than 15 years in providing of blood and blood components like Packed Red Blood Cells, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Platelet concentrate, plasma apheresis and platelet apheresis.

    ID-NAT and ELISA-IV generation testing is performed to provide the safest possible blood to our patients.

    We always try to ensure and provide without donation blood to our Dialysis Patients.

    In the pandemic year of 2020-2021 we provide 70 units of plasma apheresis to our covid-19 positive patients in our civil lines main branch of Sant Parmanand Hospital.

    We had organised a small blood donation camp on the occasion of world blood donor day

    Dr. Manju Daiya
    HOD Blood Bank

    Book an appointment or related medical queries kindly contact to Reception May I Help You Desk

    Sant Parmanand Hospital, Ring Road Kashmiri Gate, Delhi-110006
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