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    The radiology process needs a bunch of tests that give a wider picture of various parts of the body. Radiology, also known as diagnostic imaging, can be used in numerous operations such as MRI, Ultrasound, CT-scan, and the list goes on.

    Come to Sant Parmanand Hospital, Ring Road Kashmiri Gate and avail discounts on radiology and laboratory diagnostic services with accurate reporting, comfortable safe imaging, and screening. Our well-trained paramedical staff and expert radiologists are available for giving all types of radiology imaging and diagnostic solutions to find precise medical diagnostic reports.

    The hospital guarantees to provide unmatched radiology diagnostic services with ultimate radiology machines. The surgeons here are adept at providing accurate reporting. To diagnose various diseases, our professional surgeons will always put the right foot forward to assist you.

    The following are the radiology services we provide-


    X-Ray is also popular as radiography which produces small doses of radiation that help the surgeon to see a picture of the inside of a body. X-Ray has been used the most to see bone fractures and infections. It is a cakewalk process to locate foreign objects in soft tissue with the assistance of an X-Ray. It is available 24/7 in our hospital.

    Radiology Xray
    Radiology Dexa Scan


    Dexa-Scan is also popular as a bone density scan which helps the surgeon to know the bone strength. All details at your fingertips will let you know the risks related to Osteoporosis and fracture. Best of all, Dexa-Scan will help you to measure body composition such as body fat.


    In this ultrasound test, there is computer usage for the purpose of altering sound waves into tons of colors. Some of the major reasons to perform this test are: to examine heart function, monitor blood flow, to know the blockages in the blood flow, and more. Another purpose of the test is to monitor blood flow in a pregnant woman.


    USG Ultrasound

    This test will go with high-frequency sound waves to scan the internal organs. It will help you to examine the human body’s abdominal cavity. The USG ultrasound can check the organs such as kidneys, pancreas, gallbladder, spleen, liver, and more. The test will help in checking the size and position of an organ.

    USG Ultrasound

    USG Ultrasound


    The best way to examine the detailed image of internal organs and bones is a CT-scan. An easy way to identify the disease is through CT-scan. This test uses X-rays and a computer that will curate a 3D image of bones and soft tissues. The CT scan is also beneficial to find heart disease, blood clots, internal bleeding, etc. CT-scan is available 24/7 in our hospital.

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